Did you know I spin yarn with a wooden spinning wheel and weave on a wooden loom; with nothing more than my two hands and a weatherboard farmhouse overhead?


That’s right! My woven art is handcrafted in a way that’ll have that tactile artistic vibe flowing like golden honey throughout your space.

What's more is I love working with you to design and make a 100% bespoke piece. Like really LOVE it! 


My art studio ‘The Wheelhouse’, in sunny Gunny (Gunnedah) Australia, houses several looms and about 6 spinning wheels (yup like in Sleeping Beauty) It’s from these simple wooden tools and my two humble hands that your custom piece will come. 


 "LOVE IT! Perfect amount of texture, great colours and super quick postage!" Marnie

"This yarn is possibly the happiest colour I've ever seen! Kelly is lovely to deal with and her yarn is amazing" Samantha 


I’ve been honing my skills for over a decade so that you can bask in the glow of only the finest art that’s authentically handcrafted and wholly unique. Just like you!


For fibre art that’s as unique as your coffee order look no further, I'm your lady!


Order a custom piece 


 "This little (weave) is now hanging in my study, it's beautiful and I am so in love with it. Kelly was super easy to contact and really helpful when I asked to add a unicorn to this gorgeous gal" Laura 

"Utterly, so, so delighted. Thank you!" Rebecca