Keen for a hands-on workshop where you start and finish an artsy project all in one day...hell yeah! By the time you leave you'll be beaming like a preschooler ready to stick that masterpiece on the fridge for all to see! 

Whether you need

 … I’ve got you covered.

From my hometown Gunnedah Australia, land of eternal sunshine and koalas, I'll show you in crystal clear steps how to complete a project from start to finish. I’ll be right beside you, guiding you through material choice, colour schemes and fine-tuning your techniques.

When you book into a workshop you’re saying to yourself “I am so worth this”

*damn straight you are*

and you’re also telling your family that for that 2-3hrs they’ll have to pick up the slack and let this creative get her crafty on. You deserve it!

"I have attended 2 workshops now at the is such a warm and inviting space that you instantly feel inspired in." Emily 

"Kel is a sweet host and her choice of workshops are fantastic" Bridgette


Wheelhouse Workshops are not like the shaky online tutorials you’ve seen before. Time mark 12mins 23 sec and you're still hearing about which yarn brand they like know the ones. 


In my classes, you will

  • learn a new skill QUICKLY (I’m talking minutes not hours)

  • get clear, concise instruction and fun demos


  Show me upcoming workshops


I get that you might have taken other creative courses before and been disappointed. It only takes one dodgy venue, unclear tuition or poor quality materials to squash your ‘made by hand’ enthusiasm. 


That’s why with me as your teacher (or one of my hand-selected experts) you get:
-access to a huge range of only the BEST quality materials.
-a studio setting that’s lovingly curated (if you're lucky enough to live nearby)
  • get individual attention that makes you feel ‘oh so special’
  • enjoy being part of the ‘maker’ community (I’m biased but dang if this community hasn’t given me a soft fuzzy friendship circle I treasure)


"(The Wheelhouse) looks incredible...Kelly has managed to create a place to come together, to centre and ground yourself amongst the craziness of life" Erin 

 "When you make a solo booking for a workshop you can be a little apprehensive but as soon as you walk in this space you are welcomed and made to feel at ease" Rebecca 

What workshops are coming up?


Forget about those $2000.00 gallery pieces you’ve been admiring, by booking yourself into one of my Wheelhouse Workshops you’ll be getting an irreplaceable one of a kind creation for as little as 50 bucks and 2-3hrs of your time.

Let’s get your time back and your crafty on! 


**As you would be aware we are currently working our way through the COVID 19 pandemic, so in accordance with recommendations all future workshops have been postponed. I'll be keeping you all up to date but as of May 2020  I have no future workshop dates listed.**

I do however offer gift cards, so if you'd like to support this little small biz of mine that's a great way to get your loved ones the gift of some creative love. Gift cards are valid for all future workshops, or in the meantime, you could redeem them for any items in my Etsy store.