Kelly here.

If your heart skips a beat when you hear the words knit, weave, paint or stitch…then hold on to your (yarn) balls; we’re gonna be great friends.

From a people-pleasing lunch packing Mum to a creative entrepreneur teaching artsy workshops and making weet-woo custom pieces... I’m the podcast loving fibre artist here to guide you back to the creative freedom you had as a preschooler.

 As a kid, I was busy making weird sh*t 

  • crafting treasures out of things I’d ‘saved’ (think candy wrappers and sea glass)
  • gifting handmade ‘everything’ to anyone I remotely knew
  • styling my Barbie kitchen till that pink fridge was sparking like Marie Kondo


A couple years post babies I found myself in employment limbo. My options were limited, and not in a Cherry Ripe Tim Tam kinda way, but in a do I want to clean motel rooms again kinda way. So this university drop out channelled Ancient Rome 101 to make like Nero and set fire to my maker spirit again.


When I finally invested in 1:1 coaching with my guru Cathy Heller, I got a double shot espresso *read bravery* that led me to open my own fibre studio ‘The Wheelhouse’. I now teach and curate hands-on workshops as well as design and make top-quality custom fibre art. In short, I’ve got your creative back(stitch).


Now you know my "quick version story", this brunette is keen as ketchup to reunite you with the joy that flows from creativity. 



Let’s have a (virtual) cuppa and get to know each other. I am

90% Belle but have a treasure trove like Ariel

obsessed with Coriander (cilantro)

a 'dyed' in the wool murderino (terrible pun 100% planned)

a dual citizen of the USA

I am not

a (dietary fibre) artist, I work with natural fibres like wool and cotton, not food

on board with pineapple on pizza

Kerry…did I mumble?

able to whistle or wink


If you can't wait to get elbows deep in yarn