You're creative.

You simply need more

'me time'

to work with your hands.

Craft the artistic life you want and every day will feel like a (turkish) delight. 

Right now, you’d give anything for an hour of calm, a cup of English Breakfast, the freedom to make something artsy start to finish you’re proud of. But the daily *non-coffee* grind has to-dos appearing like gopher holes in Caddyshack.

 Not to mention the guilt you feel if you ‘play’ before your chores are done…I can see why time to work with your hands and get creative is so scarce.

And I get it, you’re worried if you take time out to be creative you might neglect one of your 16 indoor plants, err duties. But know this, every garden can survive a few gophers.

My secret recipe? Making sure my creative workshops and commission enquiries give you quick and tangy access to all the guidance you need, so that when the time comes for you to sit down and be creative, your spirits rise, just like a soufflé.

Give yourself the gift of a couple hours crafting won't regret it

“Meditative, relaxing and super satisfying” 


“Just magic…feeling inspired”


Utterly stunning... so, so, so delighted. Thank you!


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